Star and Crescent Society

"Kappa Sigma is not for an hour, or a day, or a college term only...but for life."

The Star and Crescent Society was established after the fire in 1976 to recognize those brothers that have donated at least $1,000 to the fraternity through the many fundraising efforts that have occurred since that date. A plaque identifying those brothers is located in the memorial library in the House. The following are those brothers that have qualified for this honor through the years since 1976:

Eugene Baker Lorence Gregg William Becker Kent Stromstead
Cecil Bronston Waverly Rose James Bronston George Cleland
Charles Callahan Mike Peterson Edward Chastain Estes Jackman
Henry Chastain John Moore John Connell Gordon Clay
Fred D. Durand Gray McMonigle Spencer Gregg Beta Mu
George Hersh Charles Wyman Leroy Jones John Coleman
Kenneth Knox Thomas Goodfriend Everett Laury John Bennett
John Laury John Mitchell Geroge Levering John Hills
Thomas Manson Walter Pinnell George Maxwell Don & Thelma Wever
Jim Piper Fred Lane Muriel Piper Gary Shemwell
George Powell Forrest Robinson J.B. Reynolds Foundation Rod Robinson
Robert Rudolph Robert Maxwell Robert Shemwell H.M. "Brick" Limbird
John Shore William Phillips Joe Simunac James Sloop
Richard Sulley Lyndle Burton Warren Smith Fred Lane
Arago Stewart O.H. Woods, Jr. Glenn Swogger A. Marland Shoemaker
Warren Vance Stephen Chubb Ralph Warner Gene Nau
Mervin Welty Ray Trowbridge Dwight Williams Michael Preston
Ronald Winkler Edwards Schneeberger Gene Amyx Jeff Chubb
Steven Summers Mason Corbin W.H. Cleland Stephen White
John R. Coleman Richard Ehinger Stephen Hager Tedd Hamlet
James Hardy Richard Kitterman Dean Lawrence Clair Alan Mauch
Edward Mock Barry Wesselowski Bruce Ebling Curtis Eddy
D. Neale Hanley Thomas Hart Edwin Hodge Louis E. Holland
Dohn C. Kennyhertz Doug Lee Steven R. Menefee Michael O'Bryhim
Gerald Roberts Kenneth Snow Jerry Weakley Robert Woods
Barry Richardson Robert McDowell J.P. Coffee Service James Hager
Steve Parson Dana Durand Roger Driver Scott Alexander
Bill Murphy      


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